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Privacy Policy

Inside the context of its activity and established contractual relations, KNUDSEN SUPPLIERS PORTUGAL, S.A., from here on “KNUDSEN”, acts in the way of assuring the respect for personal data protection norms. The present privacy policy applies to all personal data handled by KNUDSEN reaching us by any available channel, mainly by the website, by paper, by phone or by e-mail. 

KNUDSEN complies with the legislation applied to the personal data by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 from the European Parliament and Council of April 27th 2016 (General Regulation of Data Protection), assuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of such data.


Overall, KNUDSEN collects and deals with personal data towards the development of its business activity, namely services rendering, management of contractual relation with clients, from the first pre-contractual procedures to the final contract, and also to satisfy the need of legitimate interest and to accomplish to the subject juridical obligations (including tax and regulatory obligations). Therefore, the personal data collected by KNUDSEN by any means may include, among others, the following: name, surname, birth date, gender, nationality, hometown, profession, marital status, citizen number, passport number, TIN, address, e-mail address, phone number, mobile number, type, brand, model and license plate of vehicle and other information on the vehicle document.

While responsible for the personal data treatment, KNUDSEN assures that:

a)       The treatment of personal data is made according to the real object they were collected for or to other suitable purposes according to the above.

b)      Carries a compromise of implementing a culture of minimum data collection, where only collects, uses and keeps the necessary personal data.

c)       Does not share or spread personal data for commercial or advertising ends.


KNUDSEN calls upon other entities to render certain services. Eventually, these services rendering may imply the access, by those entities, to its clients, suppliers or partner’s personal data.

KNUDSEN calls upon, namely, sub-contractors for the maintenance, allocation and management of IT equipment and system, under the terms allowed by the legislation that rules the personal data treatment, being this entities compelled to keep secrecy and ensure safety regarding the personal data to which they have access, neither using these data to any other ends or in self-benefit nor relating them to any other data they may possess.

Any KNUDSEN sub-contracted entity, will treat the personal data of the data owners in the name and by account of KNUDSEN, in the strict obligation of following KNUDSEN’s instructions.

In certain situations, the personal data of the data owners may be transmitted to third parties, whenever such data communication are necessary or adequate (i) under the applicable laws (ii) to the accomplishment of legal/court orders obligations, by determination of the National Data Protection Committee or any competent control authority, or (iv) to respond to solicitations by public or governmental authorities, such as, tax authorities and regulatory entities.

In any of the above mentioned situations, KNUDSEN compromises to take all the reasonable measures to ensure the effective protection of the data it is treating.

In case the transmission of personal data incurs on an international transfer of the same (i.e. outside the European Union), KNUDSEN:

(i)                  Will make that transfer based on the decision of suitableness by the Committee, on which terms that said country or organization assures an equivalent data protection as of the legislation of the European Union;


In case of non-existing suitableness decision by the Committee, will ensure that those personal data transfer are made by the strict accomplishment of the legal measures and that adequate guarantees are implemented to ensure the personal data protection.


The collected personal data will be kept by KNUDSEN in the period of time the relation with their client, supplier or partner is active and integrated as a team, and may be kept in a longer period of time, according to the law, to be used as rightful defense/interest in a law process or even to the prosecution of referred objects. Once the maximum period of time is achieved, the personal data will be safely destroyed.


Under lawful terms, the data owner is entitled by right to the access of its personal data, through a written request to KNUDSEN to the e-mail, as follow:

  • Access – the data owner has the right to access his data and have information about the intention of its treatment, the category of treated data, the destination of the data and the period of time his data is to be kept;
  • Ammendment – the data owner has the right to have the amendment of not correct personal data as well as complete personal data with incomplete information;
  • Data Deleting – the data owner has the right to request his data to be deleted under certain situations, namely the data that are no longer necessary to the goal they were treated, or those that the owner withdraws the permission given before;
  • Treatment Limitation – the data owner has the right to request the limitation of his data treatment in certain situations, namely if he contests the accuracy of his personal data, in a period of time that allows KNUDSEN to check this accuracy, if the treatment given to the data is illegal and the owner opposes to the data elimination, if KNUDSEN no longer needs the owner personal data, but these data are requested by this for declaration, exercise or rightful defense on a court process or if the owner has opposed to the treatment, until it is proved that the legitimate motifs of KNUDSEN prevail over;
  • Data Portability – the data owner, may, by law foreseen cases, request KNUDSEN his own data previously given, in a structured format, of current usage and of automatic reading and the right to give these data to another responsible in charge of the treatment;
  • Objection – the data owner may, with reasons related to his particular situation, oppose to the treatment of his data if it concerns KNUDSEN legitimate interests or when the treatment is made to ends different from the ones they were collected for, including the definition of profiles, or when the data are used to statistic ends;
  • Complaints – the data owner has the right to complaint to the National Data Protection Committee or other competent control authority, if he considers that his data are not being legally treated by KNUDSEN according to the applicable law and the present Privacy Policy.


KNUDSEN commits to implement all necessary cautions to preserve the confidentiality and safety of collected and treated personal data, preventing them for being distorted, damaged or destroyed, or that not authorized third parties may access them. KNUDSEN uses a number of adequate technology e safety procedures to protect the not authorized access, use or disclosure of personal data. However, it cannot control the risk incurred to Internet and alerts to the existing risks when using it and, consequently, to the sharing of personal data through this mean.


The data owner may contact KNUDSEN to get more information about the personal data treatment, including having copies of the appropriate guarantees or where they are available for any questions related to exercise of legal rights, through the following e-mail address (without prejudice, in some cases and if resulting of the established contractual relation, these rights can be done in face of relevant clients, suppliers and partners of KNUDSEN):

Contact of Data Protection Person in Charge: 918 706 409